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to inspire spiritual growth through the creative process.

Flow! Mission and Vision

We connect people to their deeper truth and to each other, by developing their spiritual awareness and mindfulness through the artistic process. Engaging in Flow's creative explorations will help people grow towards their full potential and bring about positive change in their lives and in the world



Compassion, Acceptance, Connection, Creativity, Spirituality, Health, Curiosity & Growth.


With compassion at the root of the value chain, each one of these core values influences the other. Together, they contribute to the natural flow of life. 

Core Values - Connection
Flow! Art & Awareness Founder

My dream to start this business is rooted in personal experience. I love expressing myself through creating anything! Despite that love, I could never really find true value in what I was doing. What impact does an ok painting really have on the world?! Then, in 2020, I collapsed under a mysterious autoimmune disease that rendered me as good as immobile. When I couldn’t create anymore, I embarked on a truly eyeopening journey within.



In order to deal with the whirlwind called life,

we’re becoming increasingly aware that

mindfulness is a skill that we all need to master.

Some ways to do this are yoga and meditation.

Many people find the meditation practice a difficult one.

Finding time, sitting still, thinking that you are not allowed to have any thoughts.

These expectations lead to frustration and many give up. In our philosophy,

the key to a successful meditation practice is to Relax. Accept. Let go.

At Flow! we believe that 

making art is a powerful form of meditation and that

the true value of art lies in the process of creating it.

Our goal is to help people to

discover this new path into deeper awareness!

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