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Our Philosophy

Art as a meditation

Flow! Art & Awareness, uses the art process as a form of meditation practice for stress relief and spiritual growth. The art process is a powerful way to bring us into the present moment by fully engaging in a fun activity with the focus on the creative process instead of on the end result. In our creative approach we explore a variety of mediums and techniques. We will then guide you into using these techniques to create from your own intuition. 

Master the art of acceptance 

For many people the thought of making art is intimidating. Often the first thing people say is: Im not creative! I can’t draw! It is often assumed that being an expert in realism is what makes you a good artist. We forget that beauty is a judgement. Being intimidated by creating art is a fear of the judgement of others while in the process, we have judged ourselves. It is our inner critic that is calling us not creative. It is judging us by always telling us that we are not good enough. If you think about it. What can really go wrong? You might not create the masterpiece you told yourself it needed to be. But in truth, you will be fine! This principle applies to all aspects of our life. We can not control any future outcome. Creating art is an easy, non threatening way, to practice letting go of fear and accepting any outcome. This practice will open up our creativity and help us grow toward your full potential.

Unlock true creativity

Have you ever given it any thought that humans have the unique skill of creating something that is new and that no-one has ever seen before from their imagination. We can solve problems by offering new found solutions or inventions. Our creativity is the key to our evolution as a species. Therefore, true value of art lies in the process of making it since, it allows us to access our deepest creativity.  Making art can teach us how to observe and pay deep attention. It cultivates a habit of noticing that helps us to form an original perspective and will bring out our true creativity. These are useful skills we can apply to all aspects of our daily life. Practicing the art of noticing any time of day activates our imagination and will bring us joy, and new insights.

Connection through art

Humans are social creatures. Coming together to create art is a wonderful way to foster the crucial in person social interactions with other people. Being on the same journey creates an atmosphere of compassion and support. Imagine yourself sitting at home staring at a blank paper, getting frustrated because you have no inspiration. All the while your inner critic is yelling at you: SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!!! YOU'RE NOT CREATIVE! Engaging together in a creative activity can help us overcome our fear of creating and silence the inner critic. Sharing experiences in a safe environment relaxes us. When we connect, we feel supported and we can inspire each other. This will lead to greater creativity, if done so without judgement. 

Spiritual Growth

The creative process can teach you about yourself if you listen deeply. It can allow you to let go of conditioning, expectations and self judgement. At Flow! We approach art as a window to the soul. We make it to get to know ourselves. Not for others to love. If you engage in the process and learn to let go, your creative expression will develop and blossom on it's own.

Mixed Media Collaging
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