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mindfulness is a challenge


In order to deal with the whirlwind called life, mindfulness is a skill that we all need to master. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment to connect to your true self, without judgement. Being in the present moment helps you to let go of stress since, all stress is caused by the  fear and frustration over things that happened in the past, or is caused by a vision you have of something that MIGHT happen in the future. By actively practicing to let go of these stress factors, we can reconnect to ourselves and find true compassion, acceptance, and connection, that in turn will lead to true creativity, spirituality, health and personal growth. This is how we can live from a place of awareness and surrender to the natural Flow of the life.

Mindfulness is a challenge

Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness, when practiced on a regular basis, changes the brain and heals the body. More and more people, are becoming aware of the need to practice mindfulness. Common ways to do this are Yoga and meditation. That being said, many people find meditation practice a difficult one. It's often perceived that it requires sitting still on a pillow while not being allowed to have any thoughts. Initially, the thoughts we're trying to get rid of, seem to become worse! The reason for this is that you are now paying attention to them and observing them. However, the expectation of needing to silence them often leads to frustration, which causes many to give up. Mindfulness takes practice. We believe this practice doesn't have to start out on a pillow battling uncontrollable  thoughts. It can be in the form of in many mindful mini meditations throughout the day or while engaged in an activity. The key to a successful meditation practice is to relax. Accept. Let go. Read more about our philosophy on how the art process can be a powerful path into a useful mindfulness practice in the article below.

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Artist making a collage

Our Philosophy: Art as Meditation

Flow! Art & Awareness, uses the art process as a form of meditation practice for stress relief and spiritual growth. The art process is a powerful way to bring yourself into the present moment by fully engaging in a fun activity with the focus on the creative process instead of on the end result. 

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