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While technology has made our life easier in many ways and allows us to connect fast and easy, covering great distances, there is a significant drawback to it: Disconnection. 

Social expectations 

The internet and the use of laptops and mobile phones have created a social expectation to be 'on' for both work and at a social level, at any given moment.On top of this, our devices seem to have an addictive effect on us. As a result, it is harder for us to find real 'down' time and we end up spending most of our time staring at a screen instead of engaging with our direct environment.


Social comparison and opinions

Media and social media create a pressure to always be informed and to have an opinion. We find ourselves exposed us to wealth of opinions about our person and the things that interest us. Not only do these opinions come from people we know but also from people that we don’t even know! Aside from this, other people's exciting stories and photos can lead us to perceive our own lives and even our own selves, to be bleak, a failure of not good enough. All of this significantly adds to our stress to perform and the desire to be accepted. As a result, in the midst of trying to achieve our life goals and to stay connected through technology, we often find ourselves disconnected from both ourselves and others.


In the overload of information and informers, it becomes increasingly challenging to distinguish truth from untruth. Misinformation can significantly add to our feeling of disconnection and lead to a feelings of frustration and helplessness.



All of the technology related factors mentioned above lead to the core problem we're addressing here: loneliness. Research has shown that loneliness affects a growing portion of our society. Loneliness can increase the risk of early mortality and put people at greater risk of developing health related issues health related issues. 

Flow! strives to address the loneliness epidemic by focusing on human connection through in person workshops. We believe that by connecting to each other, we also open the door to connecting to ourselves. 

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