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Stressful Life

Stressful Life

Modern day life is increasingly stressful for almost all of us. Sometimes, stress factors are very obvious, such as being stuck in a traffic jam or having an important deadline at work. However, many of us experience a day to day low level of stress without being aware of it. We’ve grown accustomed to living under pressure and life seems to be a never-ending struggle to juggle.


As children, we enter the world carefree and we experience true joy in the simple things. Starting at a young age we are taught to set goals that need to be achieved. As we grow older, we experience an increasing amount of not only external but also internal pressure to be successful and reach the set goals. Think of doing well in school, being socially accepted, having a successful career, ensuring financial stability, starting and raising a family, staying healthy, managing technology, dealing with environmental and other global and issues. Add to that the challenges that come with age. In the later stages of life, we are increasingly confronted with loss, illness and an aging body. All these factors can instill fear in us if they are not approach with mindful awareness. 

Research has shown that stress is destructive. Even continuous low grade stress can lead to a wide variety of health issues and even auto-immune disease. This is why implementing a practice of awareness and mindfulness in our life is crucial.

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The Inner Critic

Through our interaction with others and fed by the continuous connection through technology, we develop an inner critic that can stand in the way of finding ourselves and following our intuition to our true purpose in life. 

Mindfulness is a challenge

In order to deal with the whirlwind called life, mindfulness is a skill that we all need to master. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment to connect to your true self, without judgement. Being in the present moment helps you to let go of stress since, all stress is caused by...

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